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Chong Hon Fatt

Dato Chong Hon Fatt

Dato Chong Hon Fatt is an impressionist painter with his own instantly recognisable style. While the impressionists emphasize the changing qualities of light, from dawn to dusk, Hon Fatt has chosen to devote himself to the brilliance of the sun.


His streetscapes of Penang are notable for their rough beauty, emotional honesty and bold colour.


He was commissioned by two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China to paint their heritage buildings. The Penang State Art Gallery honours Hon Fatt with a well deserved retrospective exhibition and publication.


Hon Fatt is is adept in both oil and watercolour. However, he largely stopped painting watercolours by the mid 1980s to concentrate on oil painting which gives him more satisfaction.


To Hon Fatt, life's simple joy is to find a bright, sun-drenched scene where he can be happily intoxicated painting it.


Hon Fatt is a master of dramatic highlights and shadows. His most outstanding paintings are those with an astoundinglyrich array of colours, light and dark pigments interplaying with each other creating dramatic tension. The result is a visual feast that is most pleasing to the eyes.